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RDs for Healthcare, Inc.
 "Quality Personalized Service with Reliable Results."

The menus provided by RDs for Healthcare, Inc. are known for their simplicity for the dietary staff and for old fashioned home cooking flavors for the residents. Four seasons are written in four week cycles with day-by-day recipe books. Recipes are broken down to serve 8, 25, 50, 75, 100 and 125 residents. Special care is taken to provide the most nutritious meals possible using herbs and spices to enhance flavors, with minimal salt added. Listed on each recipe are the therapeutic guidelines and an alternate food choice. Colorful posters of holiday meals, special theme meals and weekly dated menus are provided to post on the bulletin board of the facility. Inventory and order guides are also available to go along with the menu cycles. Vegetarian, select, and ethnic menus are available as well as diabetic and low sodium.

RDs for Healthcare, Inc. specialize in maintaining facilities' food costs through reviewing cost control systems and purchasing procedures when needed. An in-service is included each cycle with the menu packet addressing food handling and sanitation issues. A diet manual is available along with the menus and is revised every 5 years.

What does your quarterly menu packet provide?

 1.  Recipe book with day by day recipes and instructions given new each cycle 
 2.  Cover letter with any special instructions for the cycle 
 3.  8½ x 14 color dated weekly menus for posting 
 4.  8½ x 14 therapeutic/cooks spreadsheets which include diets for:
      a. Finger foods
      b. Renal
      c. Controlled carbohydrates
      d. Low fat/Low cholesterol
      e. Dysphagia
      f. Mechanical soft
      g. Salt restricted
      h. Pureed
      i. Small, Regular, and Large portions
 5.  Full color 8 ½ x 11 special day and holiday posters 
 6.  Color poster of new items on menu each cycle for posting 
 7.  Fortified diet menu for cooks 
 8.  Quarterly inservice 
 9.  Vegetarian menu 
10. Nutritional analysis 
11. 8 ½ x 11 weekly menu book comprising complete menu cycle 
12. Activity guide of special days in cycle 
13. Meal service alternative poster 
14. Estimated food costs for cycle 
15. List of Common Diet Orders and Instructions 
16. Inventory Guide

​Please e-mail or call us at (209) 663-7448 for samples and pricing. 
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What's NEW with Our Menus...

State and Federal regulations require all menus meet the Recommended Dietary Allowances. We provide you with a complete Nutritional Analysis.  We are proud to name our menus "Good For Your Health Menus" due to the variety of fresh vegetables, whole grains and meals made from scratch.