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RDs for Healthcare, Inc.
 "Quality Personalized Service with Reliable Results."

Dietitian Consulting Services
RDs for Healthcare, Inc. proudly employees over 45 registered dietitians that provide dietetic and nutrition services to our clients. Our dietitians are professional and competent/proficient in extended care dietetics.

Our standards for service are designed to meet or exceed the Federal and State regulations that govern our clients.

Training and Support
All dietitians receive thorough training in our standards and extended care dietetics. Monthly newsletters and regular meetings are a few ways RDs for Healthcare, Inc. keep the consultant dietitians current in regulations and trends affecting our extended care clients. The dietitians receive expert guidance with professional standards, protocols, support and mentoring provided by the Director of Consulting Services, Diana Clark, along with her management team, providing all the needed tools to be successful. Our staff is an extension of our caring attitude and we can proudly say that over 30 dietitians have been with our company over 5 years and 15 dietitians have been with our company over 10 years.

Expert Staff
Diana Clark, RD - Our Director of Consulting Services has over 25 years of dietitian/ manager experience and has been with RDs for Healthcare, Inc. since 1991. She oversees our ADOCs (Area Directors of Consulting), who train, mentor, and audit our staff and provide system support to our clients.

Services Provided
  • Medical Nutrition Therapy using Evidenced Based Guidelines and Nutrition Diagnosis on residents needing assessment, nutrition goals and intervention. 
  • Oversight of the Food Service using tools developed by RDs for Healthcare, Inc. Focus is on food safety and sanitation, quality food preparation, and proper service of therapeutic diets. 
  • Thorough Communication using reporting forms developed by RDs for Healthcare, Inc. 
  • Quarterly ADOC Evaluations of Dietary Services using our tools to evaluate systems in the Dietary Department. 
  • Orientation of Our Services to the FNS Director when the FNSD may not be familiar with our services being used. 
  • Pre-survey Audits of Food and Nutrition Services. 
  • Continuous Dietitian Coverage when there is a need for replacement or a demand for additional services. 
  • Dietitian Audits are done annually to ensure compliance within our standards and more often on our consultants at the level of competent practitioner
Our Services
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