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Policy & Procedure Manual
An up to date manual written for skilled nursing facilities for their dietary departments.  Simple, easy to follow, all inclusive.  Highlights include personnel management, food storage guidelines to assure proper length of food storage, sanitation, safety and emergency menus with inventory guide.

$75.00 + Tax + S&H 
Basic Food Sanitation Techniques Training Program
This in-service book gives you 12 in-services ready to train your dietary staff in Cleaning and Sanitation, Basic Food Safety and Personal Hygiene.  Over 18 handouts and posters.  Book includes 12 post tests with answer guide.

$85.00 + Tax + S&H

2020 Diet Manual
This diet manual was designed to meet the specific needs of intermediary and long term care facilities.  It provides a realistic approach to diets in order to make them adaptable and flexible to the individual needs and cultural backgrounds of the residents.

$40.00 + Tax + S&H 

Asian Menus & 

$50.00 + Tax + S&H 
Mexican Menus & Recipes

$50.00 + Tax + S&H
Indian Menus & 

$50.00 + Tax + S&H 
Vegetarian Menus & Recipes 

$50.00 + Tax + S&H
*Current clients are facilities that are utilizing our quarterly menus and/or consultant dietitians. 
Special Event & Themed Menus
This book is filled with 24 specialty menus to assist you in providing a fun, multi-cultural atmosphere at your facility.  Included are special day recipes, menus, spreadsheets, and color menu posters.  Meals include in the book are: "A Day in Greece," "Grandparents Day," "Hawaiian Luau" and many more.

$50.00 + Tax + S&H 

Garnishing Made Easy
Within the pages of the garnish booklet you will find ideas for creative garnishing and how to prepare them. From the simple parsley sprig to elaborate scallion flowers, your plates will now be beautiful to the eye as well as pleasing to the appetite.

$10.00 + Tax + S&H
Cooks Training Manual 
Our Cooks Training Manual will help you in the training of new cooks with information on everything from breakfast foods to methods of cooking meats.  Detail is given to teach correct cooking terms, measurements, food safety and recipe scaling.  Lessons cover the correct preparation of breakfast foods, sandwiches, vegetables and starches, sauces, gravies, cooking of fish, poultry and meat.   

$75.00 + Tax + S&H 

Kitchen Safety, Organization & Food Service Training Program
This 12 month in-service training program will train your kitchen staff on basic kitchen safety, kitchen organization and food service information on fortified diets, menu changes, modified diets, portion control and preparing pureed vegetables.  There are hands-outs to assist with presenting the in-services and a post test with answer sheets for each.

$85.00 + Tax + S&H