RDs for Healthcare, Inc. is California's largest providers of menu services to long-term care facilities, assisted living communities and hospitals. 

RDs for Healthcare, Inc. menus service, provided in four cycles a year, is known for its ease of preparation, cost effectiveness and delicious flavor. Our team of cooks continually tests the recipes in our cycles to make sure the quality of our meals are outstanding and yet still maintain their cost effectiveness.

Terri Miladinovich, R.D., founded RDs for Healthcare, Inc. in 1985 and continues to build the company, which now services over 600 healthcare facilities throughout California and the United States.
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RDs for Healthcare, Inc.
 "Quality Personalized Service with Reliable Results."

       Call: (209) 663-7448                                                  E-mail: healthcaremenusdirect@gmail.com 

We are now Healthcare Menus Direct, LLC.
If you are looking for your Winter menu items please go to the new website.


If you have any questions, or would like to become a new client, please call the office. 

If you need to reach the office please call 209-663-7448